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More breaking news!  Just got finished putting John Jeffries new album, “Cupid in a Bucket” into the ether,  ready to be bought and enjoyed,  you can check it out for yourself here:

Cupid in a Bucket

John Jeffries | Cupid in a Bucket

Cupid in a Bucket was recorded, mixed and mastered at Wisconsin Cheese Studios.  Congratulations, John!


It’s been out since last April, it’s great, and it’s time to check out Ray Wyatt’s cd, recorded by the fine folks at Wisconsin Cheese Studios, you can get your own copy at Bandcamp, here

Ray Wyatt


Awesome news!  Just finished final touches on John Jeffries latest cd, “Murder and Mayhem”, and we just got it out into the ether via CD Baby.  You can check it out at the iTunes store, just click on the link below:

John Jeffries “Murder and Mayhem”

The album sounds great, John and Wisconsin Cheese Studios are very proud of a great set of songs, some goofy and some serious,  always fun to listen to, beautiful guitars and voices, mandolins and violins, washboards…

You won’t be disappointed.  If you are, we’ll paint your house.

Actually, forget that, you’d  be disappointed with our rolling skills.  We only rock.  Get it?

Aren’t jokes better when they’re explained?


Lukas Reisenbuechler is a German rap artist from Northern Germany (MoinMoin, dude), some very cool beats and text.

Don’t speak German?  No problem, it still rocks, and that comes through.

Plan A


You can also check out another very cool tune of his on Youtube.


Sulaiman Zai is a great classical guitarist, with a long list of professional performances and compositions to his credit.  Here’s a short piece by De Visee that he recorded at Wisconsin Cheese Studios.

De Visee